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Carpenters and Flooring Installers

  2019-12-03     A.C. Murphy Enterprises, L.C.     Fenton,MO  

Job Description

We are seeking full time employees to perform carpentry work and floor installation.

We are a 20 year old company located in Fenton, Missouri with all of our work in the St. Louis Area.

Plenty of room for advancement a backlog of satisfying work you can take pride in to keep you working full time.

Full Medical Benefits

Company Description

We are a tight knit company with a true family feel that has fun while taking in pride in the building awesome spaces for our clients while designing and building their homes and offices. We are flexible and understanding when it comes to living and working in the real world and outside demands but also balance this by working towards having a cohesive and reliable group of individuals that constantly produce the best outcome for the company and our clients by 'being there when needed' to complete the tasks at hand. We each have a wide range of responsibilities which makes working here more than just feeling like a clog in a machine - each person is valued and values the work they put in.

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